Our Church History

Falls Baptist Church, established September 1900

      Prior to the turn of the 20th century, the desire for a church at Falls of Neuse was evident to Dr. W. R. Cullom who, as pastor of Mount Vernon Baptist Church, passed through the village of Falls on his way to Mount Vernon. Thus, on the fourth Sunday in September, 1900, a gathering of residents met in a cotton gin on the south bank of the river. Twenty-eight members are listed as charter members of the church. Their second home was the second floor of the E. O. Penney Store nearby.

      One year later, the church made purchase of one and a half acres of land from Sally Fort on the Raleigh-Oxford Road. Arched windows and a tall steeple with a fish on top designated the church at the top of the hill. The church was built by the men of Falls with ladies bringing them dinner in a basket. They formed a bind of love toward God, His church, and their brethren in Christ through the building experience.

      Special occasions of the early church were: Homecomings, Revival Meetings, Christmas Eves and baptisms down at the river made the highlights in the life of Falls Church. Pastors generally were students in the Divinity School of Wake Forest College. They traveled by foot or horseback during the early years to then the flock at Falls. Sometimes their only pay was home cooked food. Life long friendships were made through the ministry of these young men.

      Classroom additions and a parsonage were prelude to the building of a new building in 1966. Dedication of the new building was held on December 18, 1966. Improvements to our building have been made in recent years including the renovation of our Sanctuary, educational wing, lighting of our steeple and the paving of our parking lot.

      In 2002-2003, we have been blessed with a new roof, a newly painted sanctuary, the beginning of a playground, a refurbished children's preschool room, the gift of a grand piano, and establishment of a rose garden from memorial Funds given in memory of Susie L. Bridgers and Reuben Leonard.

      From narrow two lane dirt roads, from a mill village, and from a rich history built by strong and loving people of great faith, we rejoice in our past, we cherish the present, and look forward to the future and pray that we will together walk the path toward our heavenly reward.

— Barbara B. Barham

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